Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ross is off her rocker

Has it been a week since the last post? Where does the time go?
Paula Ross Says:
Candidate blogs like Szollosi’s carry the disclaimer of their campaign committees, and are presumably covered by elections rules. More problematic are the unregulated blogs, some of which have recently been revealed as the work
of trained partisan operatives with anonymous ideological agendas. An article in the April edition of The American Prospect ( offers eye-opening examples of the impact of these internet efforts "conducted through the vast, unmonitored loophole of the Internet."
It’s a long way from the old-fashioned "survey" fundraiser to a slick blog, but whatever the medium, in political communication it’s always good to read between the lines.

Reality Check:
I always laugh when the person solely responsible for the partisianship (and the A and B team) in the area thinks that free speech or a different perspective is the result of "trained partisan" operatives. Get real. Everything always happens you you Paula. Even when Democrats disagree you label them Republican. Maybe you are just trying to divert the attention from your illegal activities at the Board of Elections. Got caught with your hand in the cookie jar did you? Watch out for the wacko extremes, which many of the ones in Damage Inc. are a part of.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Szollosi prohibits all posts

For someone who claims he his wrapped in Democratic principles, he has a problem with free speech. So here is my response to something he wrote.


Going to Mud Hens games will always remind me that, although change brings fear and loathing, people working together with good intentions can begin things anew - and that it can go right.

Frank says working together can bring things anew. Too bad that Frank and Glorious Jack Ford does not do this. Regionalism is on Toledo's terms and Toledo refuses to work together with the rest of the area. Make no mistake that regionalism, as Damage Inc. wants, is to get Toledo's grubby hands on a the money of the rest of the area, to spend it on elaborate advertising campaigns (which are stealth political campaigns). Why not, how much more "Toledo Works" signs could Glorious Jack Ford put up with the tax money from Oregon Waterville?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What does MYM stand for?

I have been asked what does MYM stand for?

It could be Mean Young Metrosexual, it could mean More Young Men, it could mean Mano Yi Mano or it could mean Mind Your Manners, so you figure it out. Actually, you will probably not, because it is so out there not many people will be able to guess it.

I am one voice of frustration that this whole City has been feeling. Toledo has actually been lead down the wrong path by the current leadership and we can no longer accept this. Why is there a Democratic A and B team? Because the A team believes in politics over progress, which is why this region has taken a step back in the last few years. All of Damage Inc. needs to be kicked out and a new slate of leaders that actually care more about Toledo than their own political careers need to be ushered in.

Let us get rid of Damage Inc. and set Toledo in the right direction.

Trivia: Which Council member has time to tear down Republican signs?

Answer: Frank Szollosi

Apparently, Toledo does not have anything really to keep its leaders busy, so its leaders decide to tear down Republican signs. Yes, Frank Szollosi was caught red handed last Fall tearing down Republican signs and putting up Wade "Skippy" K's signs in their place. The scene of the crime, North Toledo around the Thousand Island area East and North East of the old Jeep Plant. Of course, I posted this on his blog asking if he would be doing it with Jack Ford signs and he deleted the post. Why not? I would not want anyone to find out I was doing this and a sitting city council person.

This is quite possibly the biggest joke of the year, last year. Maybe if Frank was concentrating on the City instead of partisan politics, the city would not have had the budget deficit in the Winter, but hey, this is too much to ask of the member of Damage Inc.

Power for good not arrogance

Jack Ford will not be remembered as a great leader because he has used his power to the benefit of himself and his cronies.

Great leaders are revered not for how they consolidate power to serve themselves, as Glorious Jack Ford has, but those who use their power for good-to truly put the interests of who they serve first. Ronald Regan did this in fighting the Soviets and Pope John Paul II was another good example. If you look throughout history, you will see great leaders have used their power for good. Those who use their power for themselves and their cronies only need to look at Stalin and Mao, and wow that is a great group to be in.

Why do I say this? This whole quack regionalism idea is there so Toledo can get a hold of the people who fled its grip. Toledo cannot control people voting with their feet, so why not extend the reach? While the idea of pooling resources for the common good is a great idea, Glorious Jack Ford's idea is to create regionalism on his terms. This is a shame and why Glorious Jack Ford is not a good leader. A respected leader will use his/her power to the benefit for all, not to get his grubby hands on more tax money so he can spend it on elaborate advertising campaigns for (you guessed it) his own campaign.

Shame on Jack Ford and the rest of Damage Inc. This is why he and his cronies will never be considered great leaders.

When you thought it could not get any lower

Skippy K's career hit an all time low when he laughed at a citizen at the council hearings yesterday. What a disgusting show of arrogance. But hey, Wade is a member of Damage Inc and should be tossed out.

Damage Inc employee Szollosi is no Democrat

Huh, that is funny. Mr. "Democratic Principles" believes in censoring blog comments. Sounds anti-democratic if you ask me. For some reason all of the comments have been removed from previous posts on his Blog. Instead of responding to them, they are deleted-the story of the City. No wonder why the city is in the mess they are in, when leaders like Mr. Szollosi decide to avoid the issues instead of facing them. Expect nothing but the same if Damage Inc. is continued to be elected.

Who are Toledo's Damage Inc?

View the picture of the board of directors here.

Frank Szollosi turns off comments

If you can't take the heat, turn off your comments. Yesterday evening Frank Szollosi turns off his comments on his blog because they have become too hot and like most of the other Glorious leadership in Toledo, they don't like to hear all of the bad they are doing.